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My dad died in the year 2001. We spread his ashes over Yankee Stadium in a fitting tribute. Bloomberg news wrote an article and the Atlanta Journal Constitution picked it up among other national papers.

My mother gave me this poem that my father wrote when he was a young man, working in a corporate world. If he could have seen the future, he would have taken chances and gone after what his heart told him was right. He now has Multiple Sclerosis and doesn't have that luxury. I still do. I am dedicating his poem to all of us out there searching for something better... "Who's in there?"

I found this letter in an old box of stuff that included my high school baseball statistics, a color picture of Greg Nettles and some family history documents. Read the letter.

A letter written to my dad for Father's Day 2000. I didnt' read it to him when I saw him - still not sure why.