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Here's the poem, unabridged and uncut for the world to enjoy. I love you dad.

Who's in there?

By Harold Sirkin (approx. 1977)

There's something straining inside my suit
The pinstripes are waving
My Ivy tie is flapping
My wingtips want to fly
Hey who's that in there
The CPA - Oh no!

It must be someone I know
Hey who's in there
Oh the family man
yeah he wants to go home and nap with his older one
and squeeze his younger one
Then who?

Ah, lover boy!
Come here bitch I want to fuck - If I could only find my cock!
Then who is it?

Break out -
Freak out -
Crazy mind
Upside down - inside out almost let my hair grow
but the CPA was there

almost went to a movie by myself
But the family man was there
almost masturbated again
but lover boy was there

I really do wonder who is there
Come-out, come-out whoever you are! Is it a music man - yeah!!
I'd like to do that blow some sounds like "Boots"
Take a Picture like Ansel
Climb a mountain or walk a road like a Dharma Bum

Come on out mother-fucker
I know you're in there
Those Pinstripes are not jail bars.