Welcome to the Alien Matian

So, you say you want to discover the Net through the eyes of a dog do you? First of all, from my perspective, you got ugly knees buddy! Ever hear of Noxema? Get some, use it.

Nicknames button
Anyway, the name is Jackson. People call me lots of things, and you can pick the name you like best from my handy list of nicknames, or make up a new one. I prefer Jack or Bonezy.

If you have the burning desire to learn about the Dalmatian History, I have set up a
History Button section that details where the Matian Nation began. Credit belongs to ... for the information. Dogs do not break copyright rules! But if they did, you can be sure we would do it with style.

As leader and king of the Alien Matian, I here do by declare that 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week will be Dalmatian Day! What this means is when you visit the A-Matian, you must send me treats. Fortunately, I have a vivid imagination, and will accept e-mail treats.

Well, my friends, I am going to go for a run now, follow me if you can! The Runs

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