Dalmatian Background, A History Lesson

The History of the Dalmatian

The precise origin of the breed is unknown, but it is known that the Dalmatian has had a rich history of coaching, hunting, ratting, and guardian. Now, in today's world, the Dalmatian has become a house pet. Even so, the breed retains its working stock, and has the capability of working hard if called to do so.

The cloudy history of the Dalmatian can be traced back hundreds of years. No exact country or place can be identified as their home planet, but there are paintings in the tombs of ancient Egypt that show a spotted dog that looks remarkably like the Dalmatian. Italy and Germany also have works of art that depict a Dalmatian, as well as France. The time frame that the reference occur is 1655-1732.

In Yugoslavia, the province of Dalmatia claims to be the ancient home of the Dalmatian. Here, he was used as a war dog, and as a sentinel of the border of Dalmatia and Croatia.

In England, the Dalmatian first gained its immense popularity. The Matian was used by gypsies as clowns and performers, as well as guardians and companions to the nomadic people. The dog's intelligence and sagacity as performers was incredible. They were in high demand, and were bought and sold frequently.

The Dalmatian's love of horses was such that no well-equipped carriage would venture out without a Matian to run in advance, or underneath the axles. There are many stories of heroic distances run, and friendships made with the horses.

Today, the Dalmatian manifests his love of travel by being a terrific car dog. They love a leisurely drive through the countryside, and Dalmatians make incredible car alarms.

The date that the Matian first inhabited the free world is unknown, but we do know that they were here as early as the American Revolution. It wasn't until the 1880's though, that the first Matian was registered with the AKC Stud Book. Her name was Bessie.

Jack as a pup


You can buy love and loyalty. All you need to do is buy a Dalmatian. Once the love and trust is earned by a family or master, the dog will teach you new meanings of friendship, understanding and companionship. The heart that beats inside a Dalmatian belongs to you and only you. All the payment that is needed is a pat, a friendly word, and lots of treats!

The Matian can play when you are playful, smile if you are happy, and rest his head on your lap if you are sad. If you are blue, they will think of stunts to make you smile, and laugh. Don't ever assume that it is you that owns the dog, in fact, it is he that owns you. The Matians ability to wrap you around his little paws is amazing, and he will soon have you playing and walking him to no end.

The Dalmatians greatest ability may be the chameleon like adaptability to fit in his surroundings. Whether you live in a mansion, or in a city apartment, the Dalmatian will make himself at home. The Dalmatian is first and foremost, a companion.

Versality of the Breed

During the war, the Dally was used as messengers. The have been used as seeing eye dogs, which is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon any breed. You can find the Matian in various situations, from the winner's circle in a show, to the floor in front of the fireplace.

Barking is not something the Dalmatian takes lightly. If your Matian is barking, there is usually a good reason. Your best bet is to investigate the warning quickly. The Dalmatian loves children, and guards them with a watchful eye. They seem to know how rough to play, and how to be gentle with smaller children.

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