The Runs The Runs The Runs The Runs The Runs

Whew! I can run like the wind. You know what my favorite thing in the world to do is? (Besides eating of course). I love to go to an open field, and see if I can pee along the entire perimeter of the park. Man is that fun. People often see me doing this, and wonder how I can have so much pee in me. I usually tell them that the human body is 95 percent water, but a dogÍs body is...well, you follow my thinking.

Try to keep up now! I dash to the left, dash to the right! I feel like Barry Sanders. In fact, the coolest place for a sporting dog like myself is ESPN. There are lots of places to pee at ESPN. I especially like the downloadable pictures and up to the minute baseball scores.

As I run around, I always keep my eyes open for a good place to take a dump. You know what? I really enjoy going poo in places that I am not supposed to. Like the the lawn next door, or the kitchen floor, or oh yes, the flower beds!

After all that running and defecating, there is only one thing that this Matian like to do, and that is eat!!

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